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yerba mate


 (2 reviews)

type: herbal

variety: yerba mate

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

One of Argentina's finest Yerba Mate

Recent reviews

    • 

      This is a cheap mate and for the price, it is not bad. Its lacking the signature earthiness from mate, but I really don't mind the flavor

    • 

      "I think I'll give this yerba mate thing a try." - Me, before ordering.

      "Holy MOLEY, this is different!" - Me, after my first sip.

      If you're like me and you love all kinds of teas, but never had a taste or real mate, you're going to be in for a surprise. Like a fine scotch or brussel sprouts, yerba mate is an acquired taste. Not only is it not tea, as in the actual tea plant, but it's earthy and bitter, like black coffee. So brace yourselves, first-timers!

      On the flip side, the caffeine boost it gives is very nice, and it's a bit fun seeing the look on coworkers' faces when they spy me sipping out of a gourd through a long bend metal straw.

      As far as this mate goes, I like it, based on the small variety I've had. Smell is vegetal and unique. I'm still working on my taste for mate with this one, so my thoughts will likely change with time.