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apple chai red bush teabags


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type: herbal

variety: rooibos

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

In India, a chai masala, or tea mixture, is sold on every street in varying strengths by chaiwallas, or tea vendors. Truckers might ask for a "100 kilometer" or a "500 kilometer" chai. Chai is made with tea, spices, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, black pepper, and milk. All are boiled together to make a potent, but cosseting concoction. The tea provides flavor, body and fragrance. The spices provide heat, warmth, and aroma. The milk tempers the somewhat ferocious Indian spices to a soothing brew. It is served heavily sweetened with honey. It is also good in the summer, the spices make you glow and cool you off! Our apple chai redbush is caffeine-free, and is made with Rooibos (Red Bush), from South Africa. Very Spicy, and perfect for cool nights!

Recent reviews

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      Im not sure how to express how good something was in detail but this was alright for what it was attempting to be.

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      Delicious! Apple and chai just feel like they were meant to go together. A lot of spices that go in chai go really well in apple dishes, so it's only natural this would be delicious.

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    • 

      Love love love it. Apple and chai is the perfect mix. Really enjoyable

    • 

      Surprisingly good. Did not expect much from it but it’s very enjoyable

    • 

      I love Apple tea and this one is awesome!!! Love it