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pau d'arco


 (5 reviews)

type: herbal

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

Shamans and medicine people of South America have used the inner bark of the flowering pau d’arco tree for generations. Today, herbalists around the world sing its praises. Some of our favorite is sourced with great care from deep in the wild Amazonian rainforest, where it is known locally as tahuari.

Recent reviews

    • 

      The taste was something new. I was pleasently suprised by it.

    • 

      Really fun to try this tea. It was my first time and I was pretty happy

    • 

      Interesting tea with exotic flavor. I was curious about it then fell in love with it

    • 

      This tea is so tasty I love it and I guess it’s good for you

    • 

      It kind of reminded me of chamomile but a little lighter and slightly more bitter rather than floral