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apple refresh


 (11 reviews)

type: black

origin: kenya

variety: flavored

ingredients: apple black tea

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

Like taking a bite out of a scrumptious apple, this tea perfectly recreates its sweet, yet tart, flavour with a magnificent blend that results in a truly satisfying brew. The apple’s storied provenance throughout English history places it as an ideal choice to combine the country’s love of tea with a fruit infusion. Ahmad Tea’s strict quality control then ensures that only exceptional examples of this cherished fruit are procured so that every cup, down to the last sip, meets their exacting standards. Apple Refresh can be served either hot to comfort like a warm apple crumble, or ice-cold for a crisp and revitalizing experience.

Recent reviews

    • 

      What's nice with this tea is it's apple and not apple cinnamon. I dig that sweet fruit taste.

    • 

      A bold change but this tea just does not work. Its overly tart and sour

    • 

      I can appreciate apple tea. It's a nice change compared to other teas i like.

    • 

      I really wanted to like this tea but found it dry and bitter. Perhaps my bag was old.

    • 

      What can I say besides tasty? The apple is so refreshing, especially iced.

    • 

      It's hard to find teas that are just apple and not apple cinnamon. This fits the bill nicely, and is my go-to tea when I want something that's just plain apple.

    • 

      Apple tones complement but dont overpower the delicious black tea.

    • 

      Love it!!! I love the smell of fresh apples. Very fruity very refreshing

    • 

      Omg its smell is strong and refreshing. It takes me back to an apple field with smell of fresh apples

    • 

      This is a perfect example of Turkish Apple tea!!!!

    • YV


      This was a pretty nice tasting tea. I enjoyed it a bit.