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pure peppermint

by twinings

 (11 reviews)

type: herbal

variety: peppermint

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

A refreshing herbal tea expertly blended using only 100% pure peppermint to deliver an invigorating tea with an uplifting aroma and fresh mint taste.

Recent reviews

    • CK

      Cameron Kilchrist


      Kind of like a pleasant punch in the face, if that makes sense. Quite strong, but not overpowering.

    • melissa Dichiaro


      Great peppermint tea that is strong and the flavor mixes well with fruity flavors

    • Red Wolfe


      Refreshing on its own, and holds up when combined with other teas like peach.

    • TS

      Travis Stewart


      I have had several different brands of peppermint tea and this one has the strongest flavor. I definitely recommend this tea to anyone looking for a strong peppermint tea.

    • Blayne Cook


      Very good and soothing peppermint tea. One of my favorites

    • Lydia Getgen


      A lovely, refreshing mint tea with all the convenience of teabags. Excellent for on-the-go!

    • Savannah Shanton


      This tea is really good. I love the minty-fresh feeling it provides on the tip of my tongue!

    • Jeanna


      I love the refreshing peppermint flavor in this tea. It isn't too strong either.

    • Max Sugerman


      Truly the best peppermint tea for the price. It does the job perfectly. I usually use two tea bags to get an extra minty cup

    • JK

      Jordan Koeller


      As much peppermint as you can get. Nice either hot or cold. Has a strong aroma both before and after a brew. Solid choice to buy if your a mint/peppermint fan

    • Leora Harrell


      I enjoy the twinings peppermint teas they always have a refreshing crisp flavor to them that helps me unwind.