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kava stress relief


 (8 reviews)

type: herbal

ingredients: cardamom carob cinnamon ginger sarsaparilla stevia

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

When stress has a hold on you, take a break and brew a cup of Kava Stress Relief. Native to Oceania and the South Pacific Islands, Kava has traditionally been cultivated for its power to calm the body and mind and encourage a good night's sleep. Kava is also recognized by herbalists for its ability to promote a state of relaxed awareness without compromising mental functions. Yogi's Kava Stress Relief tea combines this relaxing herb with Cinnamon and Sarsaparilla to add warmth and spice, and Carob Pod for rich flavor. Relax and find tranquility with a warm soothing cup of Kava Stress Relief.

Recent reviews

    • 

      Not a Yogi tea fan. Tried to find at least 1 tea of theirs that I liked...didn't happen. This was AWFUL! I can't even describe the taste, I dumped it and quick made a cup of something else to wash the taste out of my mouth.

    • HM


      I like this a lot. The flavor is unique, which I attribute to the kava. It is very relaxing, and is a nice drink to have to unwind at the end of a long day.

    • 

      I must not like the kava taste very much, aside from that funky flavor, this tea is decent.

    • 

      Mostly okay, but weirdly sweet and there were a few funky flavor notes I couldn't quite place. Drinkable, but I wouldn't have it again.

    • 

      It's a nice relaxing blend that isn't too floral. I don't care for stevia though and this has it in it

    • 

      Very yummy tea that has a very unique taste. It claims to help calm you down, which I believe is true. A great tea to help you wind down after a long day

    • RR


      It does have a distinctive taste that isn't quite like anything else, but the kava in this tea calms me considerably. It's almost like a less sweet throat coat. Good for a late evening tea.

    • AR


      Really Really sweet. Something in this tea was off putting to me. It was odd taste. It gave me a headache so I gave the rest of the box to someone else who loved it and said it calmed them down. for me it was not good. I couldn't even get a cup down