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silver needle white tea

by rishi tea

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type: white

origin: china

region: fujian uji

variety: silver needle

ingredients: white tea

caffeine: light

price level: $$$$

An exclusive blend of 1st Flush, single bud grades of Fuding Da Hao from Fujian, combined with Mengku Da Yeh and Menghai Da Yeh buds from Yunnan. Our Silver Needle Premium is very unique due to our blend of smooth, umami teas from Fujian and fruity, rich teas from Yunnan. Silver Needle has a smooth nectar like body with a subtle sweet flavor and fruity aroma, and is our most popular white tea. It is best brewed using a generous amount of tealeaves, and by steeping one serving multiple times. Tasting Notes: Reserve white tea with a sublime, sweet flavor and rich, savory finish

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