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chocolate chai tea blend

by rishi tea

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Velvety, mellow and deep, this chai is an enticing blend of energizing pu-erh tea, shade-grown yerba maté, and cacao. Made even more inviting by creamy vanilla, nutty coconut and fruity, pungent and uplifting Ayurvedic long pepper, Chocolate Chai is a most sophisticated take on hot cocoa. Tasting Notes: A velvety and indulgent blend of rich Pu-erh tea, enlivening yerba maté and sweet cacao Additional Info: Masala Chai, or "mixed-spice tea," is a rich spiced tea latte traditional to South Asia. We source and curate the finest teas, herbs and spices at peak season, which are chopped, crushed or ground to release their essential characters and combined in micro-batch blends to harmonize for flavor complexity.

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