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darjeeling 1st flush black tea - tumsong estate: n

by rishi tea

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type: black

origin: india

region: darjeeling

variety: darjeeling

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

Harvest Date: March 16, 2013 Elevation: 1200-1675m First planted in 1867, the Tumsong tea estate is one of the best-known gardens in all of Darjeeling. The garden is planted on a steep slope in Darjeeling's Golden Valley. Over 1600m in elevation at its highest point, the entire estate faces the mighty Kanchenjunga Mountain. The cold Himalayan breezes create a very patient growing cycle for the tea bushes, allowing them to slowly develop rich aromatic nuance and flavor complexity. The teas of Tumsong are known to have a very refined mouthfeel and structure, with lingering high floral aromatics and a wonderful balance of delicate briskness and smooth sweetness. The best lots of each year have the amazing aromatic nuance of neroli and orange blossom honey. This year, we decided to differentiate our two lots of 1st Flush Darjeeling by their "aroma type." The Darjeeling region is treasured by tea lovers for its diverse micro-climates and its vintage tea bush cultivars, which are selectively bred so that each estate can be associated with a specific aromatic character like muscat grapes, exotic fruits, and tropical flowers. This year's selections from Tumsong Estate express stunning aromas of Neroli and Clover Honey, showing the charm of Darjeeling as the "Champagne of Tea" where even within the same estate, the dynamic climate produces unique lots selected from different slopes found in Tumsong. Tasting Notes: Pale golden infusion, with lingering neroli aroma, sweet notes of wildflower honey and delicate, buttered biscuit silkiness

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