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heavenly gyokuro, hg-group


type: green

origin: japan

region: uji

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

This Gyokuro is hand picked from just outside Uji. This area of central Japan is known to make the best shade-grown Gyokuro. The delicate processing produces a very rare and very rich taste that might be most enjoyed by brewing the tea in cooler water than normal (155 degrees) for three minutes. This method of brewing can be a great way to enhance the tea's inherent sweetness and body. Dry Leaves: These leaves are emerald green shiny spindles. This comes from the extra attention taken while making this tea. The dark green comes from the fact that tea grown in increasing shade, so the plant compensates by making extra chloryphyll. The spindles are shiny because they are processed in hot machines that straighten out the leaves, which are then buffed by the heat. Liquor: A lovely pale green, caused by the extra chlorophyll. Aroma: Very spinachy and seaweedy, dark and decidely vegetal, with none of the lemon sheen of Sencha. Caffeine Level: Caffeinated Body: Overall it is medium bodied, however, it is much fuller bodied (coats your mouth) than other green teas. This is because of the final weeks spent in shade, which increases the amino acids that create body. Flavors: The lush green flavor of the freshest steamed spinach, the cooked flavor of lightly toasted walnuts and a very slight note of sulfur. Filling and sustaining. Brewing Time: 1 to 2 minutes Brewing Temperature: 160° F

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