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ti kuan yin godess of mercy oolong tea


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type: oolong

origin: china

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

The quintessential Chinese oolong tea called Ti Kuan Yin (or Tieguanyin) is legendary among oolong lovers. The long, dark leaves brew into a sweetly fragrant and slightly smoked cup of tea. The same leaves can be infused multiple times and will continue to produce a tasty golden drink. With a smooth and thick liquor, our Ti Kuan Yin is ideal for leisurely sipping or accompanying food. Tie , which means "iron", refers to the iron jars that this tea was once stored in. Partially oxidized, this dark-colored leaf is traditionally rich and toasty, featuring deep flavor, lingering aroma, and what the Chinese call gan , sweetness or a lack of astringency. The origins of Ti Kuan Yin vary depending on the storyteller. One legend has it that the Qing emperor Kangxi prayed to the goddess for the return of his health during a bout with smallpox. She answered his prayers and later appeared to him in a dream. In his dream she brought him to a place where a few tea bushes were growing on a mountainside. To repay her kindness, she asked him to help the people of this region cultivate these tea bushes and prosper from it in her name. So Emperor Kangxi proclaimed Ti Kuan Yin famous in China for all eternity and from that time on the Ti Kuan Yin tea industry has thrived.

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