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mutan white tea


type: white

origin: china

region: fujian uji

caffeine: light

price level: $$$$

Mutan White Tea is a very smooth tea with no astringency. Its subtle flavor can be enjoyed through several infusings with each one revealing a different nuance. When brewing Mutan White, be sure to add a little extra to your infuser as it is very fluffy and light. However, do not fill the infuser more than half full, as the tea needs room to infuse properly. White tea is mainly produced in the Fujian province in China. Mutan White is made from the leaves of the "Dai Bai" or "Big White" bush and mixed with buds from the "Shui Hsien" or "Water Sprite" tea plant. The leaves have silver tips and are predominantly greenish-brown in color and very flat. The buds are lustrous, soft and silvery. Its name, a literal translation from the Chinese, probably comes from the very pale color of its liquor. White tea comes from a rare strain of the tea plant and is harvested only a few days of the year. Once harvested, white tea is not oxidized or rolled, but simply withered and dried by steaming.

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