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wildcrafted linden flowers herbal tea


type: herbal

origin: europe

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

Our Wildcrafted Linden Flowers has a soft grassy aroma and brews a beautiful golden cup. The flavor is mellow and lightly floral. It is perfect for relaxing just before bedtime. Linden flowers are native to Europe and have been used in Europe and America for centuries in herbal treatments for a wide range of health problems. The flowers are collected in the summer months from trees with heart-shaped leaves and clusters of pale yellow flowers; these trees can grow to a hundred feet tall. Our linden flowers are "wildcrafted", gathered from their native habitat. This ensures the most potent and purest botanical, which is confirmed by its essential oil content. The methods of collection and blending have been passed down since ancient times. All of the processing is done by hand by the village people and supervised by an ethnobotanist. The community's knowledge and passion for this product adds to its special allure.

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