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estate breakfast black tea

by stash tea

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type: black

origin: china india sri lanka

variety: assam ceylon darjeeling keemun nilgiri

caffeine: decaf

price level: $$$$

Sophisticated blend of fine Indian Assam, China Keemun, Ceylon and First Flush Darjeeling into a smooth, rich and full-bodied tea that may be enjoyed any time of the day but is especially good in the morning with milk. Assam is a district in northeastern India that lies on the Indian-Burmese border. It is tippy, pungent, malty tasting and full-bodied. China Keemun tea has narrow, tightly twisted black leaves that brew a brilliant golden-red cup with a lush, fruity, sweet flavor with a hint of smokiness. Ceylon tea possesses a creamy, smooth character that is distinctive. Ceylon, or its contemporary name, Sri Lanka, is a beautiful tropical island that lies just 22 miles off the southern tip of India. Nilgiri is a Tamil word that means "Blue Mountains". The Blue Mountains are a lush range at the southernmost tip of India, rising over the Indian Ocean with a view toward Africa. Nilgiri teas are smooth and easy to drink, they are full bodied yet light in color and aroma. Darjeeling teas are considered among the rarest and most prestigious of black teas. Tea estates in Darjeeling range from less than 4,000 to almost 10,000 feet in elevation. The taste of Darjeeling varies with the seasons. The first flush, or springtime tea, is harvested from late February to mid-April. The young leaves yield a light tea with a flavor of green Muscat grapes. The Darjeeling TGFOP in this blend is a first flush Darjeeling tea which contains an abundance of golden-tipped leaves, which indicate a very high quality tea.

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