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formosa oolong bay jong tea


type: oolong

origin: taiwan

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

Formosa Oolong Bay Jong is light green in color and brews a pale yellow-green cup. The large leaves unfold during brewing to show off the top two leaves and bud. The liquor is very aromatic and slightly floral. The flavor is delicate with no hint of astringency or bitterness. This tea is best enjoyed during quiet times when you can really appreciate its intricate flavor and aroma. The production of top quality oolong tea is very labor-intensive. After being plucked, fresh shoots from the tea plants are spread on a flat bamboo basket and withered in sunlight for up to an hour. The leaves are then withered indoors at room temperature for six to eight hours. Once an hour the leaves are gently agitated by hand which greatly accelerates the production of flavor components. The leaves are then pan-fired for 15 minutes at high temperatures which inactivate the leaf enzymes and stop the oxidation process. Finally the leaves are rolled and dried. The plants selected for oolong tea production are chosen for their strong flowery aroma and beautiful large leaves. The extraordinary quality of Formosa Oolong Bay Jong comes only from Yilan County in northeast Taiwan where the soil and climate are perfect for this type of tea. The tea estates here are situated at an elevation of over 3500 feet. The Bay Jong tea is produced in very small quantities and is available only during the early stages of the harvest. Teas harvested later in the year do not produce the same wonderful flavor.

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