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apricot amaretto


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Tea Forté Apricot Tea is a mellowing blend of Organic South African honeybush and Organic rooibos (ROY-boss), known as “red bush”. Both honeybush and rooibos are considered to be wonder herbs for their abundance of health promoting polyphenols and flavonoids which may help protect the body from free-radicals that weaken natural defenses. Enjoy our Apricot Tea with a sunny sweet taste and double delight of just picked apricots and juicy peach with the unique nuanced notes of organic marigold flowers and the enticing flavor of just toasted almond, artfully evoking Saronno, Italy the birthplace of amaretto.

Recent reviews

    • JM


      This was one of my favorites from Tea Forte. The amaretto is strong, and works well with the honeybush base. The apricot is a nice, fruity hint that pairs well with the almond. This one can be hard to find individually; it’s usually out of stock and only available in samplers.