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matcha houju

by rishi tea

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type: green

origin: japan

region: kyoto

ingredients: stone-milled japanese green tea powder

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

Our highest grade of ceremonial matcha. This rare matcha is of a class traditionally reserved for the most exclusive of tea ceremonies. It has an unbelievable aroma, flavor, and energizing focusing effect unlike any other matcha. Matcha Houju may be prepared as usucha ("thin tea") or koicha ("thick tea"). Houju, literally "precious longevity" or "precious eternity" is the konomi, or "treasured matcha" of our producer and partner Hekisuien. Matcha Houju contains a rush of umami flavor backed by a deep sweetness that lingers endlessly on the palate. Its rich, creamy foam creates a smooth, full mouthfeel. A bowl of Matcha Houju bestows tremendous energy that inspires and uplifts the drinker into a meditative state of alertness.

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