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nishi-san's gyokuro


type: green

origin: japan

region: kagoshima

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

This certified organic Gyokuro highlights the vibrancy of the Saemidori cultivar grown in the Nishi family gardens in the volcanic soils of Kirishima Mountain in southern Japan. Gyokuro is a special Japanese green tea that is cultivated using a shading technique that elevates chlorophyll and amino acid contents. The first shading blocks some, but not all of the sunbeam. A second shade is added for the last 10 days before harvest to block about 70% of the light. The tea bushes respond by developing very tender, deep green leaves as they try to capture the sunlight. Shade-grown plants develop higher concentrations of L-theanine amino acid, known for its umami taste and stimulating alpha brain waves. The plants also develop less catechin or tea tannin, resulting in a smooth and almost oceanic cup of jade dewdrops.

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