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formosa bai hao

by adagio teas

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type: oolong

origin: taiwan

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

<a target="_blank" href="https://www.adagio.com/oolong/formosa_fancy.html" title="Formosa Bai Hao">Formosa Bai Hao</a> is known by many names - Oriental Beauty, White Tip Oolong, Champagne oolong and Fancy Formosa Silver Tip, to name just a few. This heavily oxidized Taiwanese tea is one of the most prized oolongs in the world. Incredibly sweet, fruity and lush with a delicate warm spicy undertone. Striking and thought-provoking tea, perfect for multiple infusions. Steep at 212°F for 3-5 minutes

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