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india spice chai


 (7 reviews)

This authentic blend infuses rich and hearty black tea with lively spices like ginger, cloves and cardamom and a touch of smooth vanilla.

Recent reviews

    • 

      I tried it with a friend she liked it but i found it to be kind of bitter. I added a sweetner but by the time i did i realized it was my cup of tea, ironically. Im still suprised my friend drank it on it's own.

    • 

      I tried this hot and it was a really weak tea. The flavors really came out when I cold brewed this tea for a longer period of time.

    • 

      I always love chai tea but this one is not good. Not recommend

    • 

      I like the spice levels but it’s a bit too bitter .

    • BD


      Not a great chi. Just a odd mix of flavors, and seem slow quality.

    • 

      I don't know what the plan was when designing the flavor profile of this one...., but I've had a lot of chai and this falls flat in my book.

    • 

      It kind of reminds me of Good Earth tea, but not as well executed. Citrusy and spicy