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Claudia Yahng  

Much like the Mad Hatter, I also like tea and don't make a lot of sense. I love playing D&D and all kinds of video games, but dating sims are my guilty pleasure.

User's reviews

  • Chamomile


    The flavor is pretty mild, but it does seem to help me sleep. My biggest problem is that the leaves tend to gum up my infuser and make it hard to clean out



    This one is a little bit bitter for me, but it's really good with a little bit of vanilla syrup added

  • Earl Grey Lavender


    This is a really solid earl grey. It's not too strong or too bitter, but the citrus still comes through nicely

  • Decaf Strawberry


    For some reason this one has been hard for me to get right. Sometimes it tastes great, but others it's really bitter, even when the water is below boiling. It can be good, but I usually don't feel like wasting my time betting on it

  • White Blueberry


    Solid white tea. Tastes light, but it's fruity without needing sweetener

  • Vanilla Oolong


    The vanilla smell and taste are pretty subtle. It doesn't taste bad, it just doesn't particularly taste like vanilla

  • Blackberry Sage Oolong


    This one has a strong herbal smell when dry, but the fruity taste comes out a lot more in the tea. It's an interesting flavor combination

  • Raja Oolong Chai


    It smells amazing dry, like cinnamon candy. It's milder when brewed, but not in a bad way. The oolong gives it a nice peachy taste that I hadn't had in a chai before

  • Butterscotch


    The dry leaves smell like candy, but the brewed tea is really astringent. It's fine with sugar or milk added, but it's hard to drink on its own

  • Rooibos Vanilla Chai


    A pretty solid chai, maybe the ginger is a little strong for my personal taste. I don't get a whole lot of vanilla from it



    A solid earl grey, nothing fancy. It tends to steep a little bitter, especially on the first steeping