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toasted coconut almond bark


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      Bigelow's Toasted Coconut and Almond Bark is yummy, but it takes a bit of adjustment to get it right. I tried it sugar free and without milk and couldnt finish it. Then I tried it with sugar and that still didnt do much. Then I added milk and sugar and finally got it right. You can really taste the coconut and the almond once the sugar and milk are in.

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      I love snd hate this tea. The first sip is great. Once the aftertaste starts though it’s not so great...

    • 

      Ew. Since I love coconut, my mom gave me a box of this, and it's so gross. The green tea, chamomile, and rose hips are unnecessary and clash with the coconut-almond flavor. Would it have been so hard to just have a black tea with pieces of coconut and almond along with the flavoring?