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weightless cranberry


 (7 reviews)

type: herbal

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

To relieve the discomfort of water retention, herbalists turn to diuretic herbs like fennel. Blended with complementary herbs like red clover and cleavers, and graced with a high natural essential oil content, this tea relieves uncomfortable bloating to keep you light on your feet.

Recent reviews

    • CB


      Helpful tea, but not very fond of the flavour. It is a little bitter

    • 

      It helps you lose weight by losing water in your body so technically it works lol not recommend

    • 

      Cannot recommend any sort of diet teas, but I will say this: it WILL make you pee.

    • 

      Just like most "weight loss teas" all this does is make you pee a lot. It's a diuretic. Enjoy peeing.

    • 

      no thanks, this tea is horrible i hate all weight lsos teas

    • 

      I enjoy this tea. However, it did not help me keep weight off!

    • 

      Im not sure how well this works but I like the flavor. Its tart and crisp