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pure white

by twinings

 (4 reviews)

type: white

origin: china

region: fujian uji

caffeine: light

price level: $$$$

White tea is different from all other teas. After the leaves and buds are plucked, they are air dried to prevent oxidation before they are packed. Primarily grown in the Fujian Province of China, White tea is also known as Silvery Tip Pekoe, Fujian White or China White. White reigns as one of the world’s highest quality teas because only the unopened buds and the youngest, most tender tips of the tea bush are chosen. The fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds is what gives this tea its name. Twinings Pure White tea is hand-picked in the spring to yield a delicately smooth tea with a light, natural taste.

Recent reviews

    • Max Sugerman


      Although this was one of the first white teas I've ever tried, it has not held up well. It is flavorless

    • AO

      Alison O


      Not bad, but a little too subtle for my taste. I may try brewing it longer next time.

    • Kat I


      I couldn't tell if I had brewed it enough or not, tried multiple times and very little flavor. I've discovered that if you are looking for a white tea, best to go with a loose tea from a specialty shop. These store varieties just don't have the flavor.

    • Kelsey Joy


      This tea is honestly very underwhelming now that I've tried a variety of loose leaf white teas.