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User's reviews

  • Gunpowder


    So this was a no for me - it tasted gross with this weird chalky aftertaste and a terrible sort of ash overtone.

  • Ali Shan


    It's okay - it lacks the layers and the honey taste that people spoke of when I tried it. It is also rather expensive for what it is.

  • Pure White


    It's not flavorless, but you are gonna have to seep for a while.

    It also does not fare well if you try to add anything to it.

    Still it's nice and I can drown it without worrying about my insomnia.

  • English Breakfast


    Do you need to make it to lunch and your daily desperation nap?

    This is the tea for you - although you may need to gentle it a bit with milk and honey and most of a bag of shortbread cookies.

  • Irish Breakfast


    This is a great tea if you both need something that isn't coffee (because you doctor banned it) but that is also strong enough to carry milk and sugar and caffeine enough to get you through most of your daily grind.

  • 100% Pure Oolong


    I'll go against the curve here and say this isn't a terrible tea.

    In fact, it was my first taste of oolong if I'm not mistaken.

    It was neither too strong nor too weak - rather it was a solid, nutty offering that I like to take plain.

    Sometimes simple is better.

  • Lady Grey


    I actually don't like this tea for drinking - it's a bit off I guess.

    Like when someone else makes your cup up for you and adds too much milk and sugar.

    That said this tea makes for a wonderful earl/lady gray cookie.

    It's less successful when experimenting with bars and muffins.