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lady grey

by twinings

 (16 reviews)

type: black

ingredients: black tea citrus flavor lemon orange

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

Legend has it that my ancestor, the second Earl Grey, was presented with this exquisite recipe by an envoy on his return from China. He liked it so much he asked Richard Twining to recreate it for him. Richard did so and the blend would become known throughout the world as Earl Grey tea. Although it's hard to top an original, our continuous pursuit of a new and unique teas brought forth Lady Grey tea- a softer, more elegant version of Earl Grey tea developed exclusively for Twinings. This aromatic blend starts with the teas carefully selected from distinct regions, each with their own unique characteristics. This light, mild taste originates from teas grown in the humid, subtropical climates of China and Central Africa, while low-grown teas from India provide its bright amber colour. Orange peel, lemon peel and other citrus fruit flavours are then added to yield a fresh, uplifting tea that just may become one of your new favourites.

Recent reviews

    • JD



      This is a delicious tea, very good as an afternoon refresher. The difference between the earl grey and the lady grey is quite subtle, but noticeable enough that this tea is worth trying.

    • CK

      Cameron Kilchrist


      I wasn't a huge fan of this Grey. It's a little strange on the palate compared to Twining's other offerings.

    • AT

      anon t


      I actually don't like this tea for drinking - it's a bit off I guess. Like when someone else makes your cup up for you and adds too much milk and sugar. That said this tea makes for a wonderful earl/lady gray cookie. It's less successful when experimenting with bars and muffins.

    • Krista S


      Wow! Strong Earl Grey, but great with a bit of lemon 🍋😁

    • Caroline W


      More complex than Earl Grey. Wonderful strong cuppa.

    • Celeste Morris


      This tea is wonderfully balanced, light and refreshing. Not a touch of bitter. The fragrance comes first - the purity of the tea with a hint of citrus. It cannot stand for a second steep, but doesn't require any additives to improve the flavor.

    • melissa Dichiaro


      This is a nice lighter version of an earl grey. Nice for when you want something lighter

    • HS

      Hannah Salata


      The Lady holds her flowers more subtly than the Earl, and benefits from it. Lady Grey tea has remarkably less lavender aroma, but makes up for it with a bright hit of citrus and a gentle creaminess. One of my favorite morning teas.

    • MJ

      Michael Jacobson


      Calming black tea with citrus notes. Complex flavor. It's great iced or hot.

    • EP

      Emily Parker


      Pleasant smooth black tea with citrus, I preferred this one over the earl gray when my stomach was uneasy in the morning

    • Cassie W.


      The light lemon flavor rounds out the bergamot well. I used to drink the Earl Grey but much prefer this tea as the creaminess is pleasant but does not take away from the flavor.

    • Max Sugerman


      This is a classic. It has a lot more going on than Earl Grey. Much more flavor

    • Andrea Eddington


      You won't need a squeeze of any citrus for this tea. For this brand, I've always preferred Lady Grey over their traditional Earl Grey due to the addition of citrus. Any time I saw this in a grocery store, this was my go to 'Grey.'

    • Lia Villafania


      This used to be my favorite tea when I only knew tea bags, and nothing about loose leaf. I steeped it again and I don't know why I used to like this. It was very bitter and not much citrusy flavor at all.

    • M



      Excellent tea, not as heavy on the bergamot as regular Earl Grey, very smooth and tasty.

    • Faith K


      This Earl Grey has a nice flavor that is balanced out really nicely with bargamont. It's a bit on the creamy side so I didn't need to add much to my cup. Don't let it seep too long because the flavor does get a bit bitter over time.