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100% pure oolong


 (8 reviews)

type: oolong

origin: china

region: fujian uji

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

Oolong tea has a very long and rich history. Its origins are said to go back over 1000 years to the Beiyun region in the Fujian Province in China. Unlike Black teas that are fully oxidized or Green teas that undergo no oxidation, Oolong is formed through a special technique that results in the tea's partial oxidation. After withering, the tea is placed in muslin sacks and gently rolled. This bruises the leaf slightly, causing some oxidation to occur. This is repeated several times until the tea leaf turns darker green or reddish in appearance. Our Pure Oolong tea is golden in colour with a warm, toasty taste.

Recent reviews

    • 

      This was not terrible for a bagged oolong.

    • CK


      This was the first oolong that I ever tasted, and it felt like it was missing something. I felt like it was an okay tea, but that it would benefit from some added little something. Not sure what that could be.

    • AT


      I'll go against the curve here and say this isn't a terrible tea.

      In fact, it was my first taste of oolong if I'm not mistaken.

      It was neither too strong nor too weak - rather it was a solid, nutty offering that I like to take plain.

      Sometimes simple is better.

    • MJ


      Solid oolong. Certainly not the best, and the not the most complex, however it is tea and isn't terrible.

    • 

      Affordable and baseline oolong tea. Uncomplex and pretty weak flavor

    • 

      This is decent but ive had better oolong teas...bulk is better

    • 

      It's almost too nutty and rich to enjoy on its own. While I tend to prefer strong, robust teas, this one can turn bitter and gross very quickly.

    • 

      This particular brand almost ruined oolong for me. Twinings has lots of better tasting teas. If you are wanting to try oolong for the first time, I cannot recommend this brand unless you like floral teas. That was the taste I got unless my taste buds decided to prank me that day. This was no disrespect to Twinings. They do have excellent teas.