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english tea no 1 black tea


 (10 reviews)

type: black

origin: india kenya sri lanka

variety: assam ceylon

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

This best selling blend exclusive to Ahmad Tea gets its celebrated, rich, satisfying flavor from Assam, Sri Lanka and Kenya teas and it's distinctive fragrance from just the right amount of Bergamot. A perfect cup of tea indeed. Make a pot of tea with this favorite loose-leaf tea and enjoy with or without milk.

Recent reviews

    • 

      It's a serviceable black tea blend. I do not dislike it.

    • 

      I got a fancy tin of this from a family friend and liked it for it was.

    • 

      It seems to me the picture shows the box of regular English black tea, but the description says it is a “no-caffeine” tea, so, although I like English tea, I don’t use decaf tea anymore as I know from experience that any decaf black tea is tasteless :-/

    • 

      This is a very straight foward English tea. Perfectly fine and nice for an afternoon pick me up

    • 

      Inexpensive and decent black tea. Not the best quality but it’s understandable

    • 

      I didn't care very much for this tea. It seemed like poorer quality black tea.

    • BD


      Very good tasting tea. Nice and smooth, and full of flavor.

    • 

      Never had ahmed teas, but was surprised at how smooth it was

    • E


      This is the absolute best of inexpensive box teas to keep yourself going through 10-cups-a-day rampages or as travel-tea stock. Very rich, smooth, and flavorful - so flavorful, in fact, that one suspects additional flavoring may be used, because all that could not possibly be due to the tea leaves alone. But, it is so very delicious. It brews quite quickly, as well: a few dips into a cup of boiling water will already give off plenty of color. Depending on the size of your cup, three minutes may be far too much brewing time, so take care not to make it too bitter and dry. This does, however, make it a great option as an on-the-run tea!

    • YV


      This was a pretty nice tasting tea. I enjoyed it a bit.