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chocolate pu erh


 (7 reviews)

This velvety infusion combines black Pu-erh tea and organic cocoa. Accented by whole vanilla beans and sweet orange peel, this decadent blend is rounded off with nutmeg and cinnamon for a spicy finish.

Recent reviews

    • 

      One of my favorite Numi teas. Has a rich chocolate flavor that goes well with the puerh. Steeping for longer than 5 minutes only renders a deeper flavor, without the bitterness that a black tea gets.

    • 

      Not always a fan of chocolate teas, but this one is great

    • 

      It took me a while to warm up to this tea. It's great with a little cream and sugar.

    • 

      I was not initially a fan of this tea, but it has grown on me. Pretty good if you let it steep long enough to get pretty strong, and add a bit of milk and sugar.

    • 

      This is my morning go-to! It is a very mellow Pu Erh & the chocolate isn't bold, but it's a nice, balanced tea that get's me warm & happy every morning :)

    • AR


      This one is overrated in my opinion. To me it neither has the flavor of the chocolate nor the flavor of pu-erh. I love pu-erh and the earthiness and I drink a lot of pu-erh tea both pure and flavored. This one failed to wow me. There is a slight chocolate flavor if you reach for it but something is missing in this one. Again if it was given to me I would drink it but it is not something that I would seek out and try to buy.

    • 

      I'm a bit surprised that I'm the first to review this tea - it must be one of Numi's most popular blends. I'm not a fan of pu-erh in general, and though purists would probably reject this tea, I like it. The chocolate and earthiness go well together, but it does not taste "dirty" as some pu-erhs do. One can buy it in loose-leaf form as well as bagged.