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tower of london


 (5 reviews)

type: black

origin: china

variety: flavored

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

Chinese black teas are stirred with pieces of dried stone fruit, then finished with oil of bergamot and honey flavor. This blend is reminiscent of Elizabethan preserves, flavorful and tempting. Dry Leaves: The Chinese leaves are medium sized and black. Liquor: The liquor is medium to dark brown. Aroma: A wonderfully refreshing tea with fruity aromas and vanilla with undertones of honey. Caffeine Level: Caffeinated Body: A medium to strong body. Flavors: This tea is complicated, like the Tower itself. It has flavors similar to Earl Grey, Vanilla and Black Currant, and there is a touch of honey. Brewing Time: 4 to 5 minutes Brewing Temperature: 212° F

Recent reviews

    • 

      There's a lot going on here. It's like a fruity Earl Grey with honey. Delicious while busy.

    • 

      It's an interesting take on an Earl. The bergamot isn't overpowering like it can be in some Earl Greys, taking a backseat to the fruit and honey flavors.

    • EK


      This tea is incredible! My only complaint is that it seems to taste better out of wider mugs because of the way it infuses. It is very similar to an earl grey, which is my favorite type of tea, so it's a great twist on a classic.

    • AW


      One of my favorite teas ever! A lovely twist on earl grey teas, sweet and smooth.

    • SO


      With the exception of Earl Grey's this is my favorite flavored tea. It has a lot going on but it's so good. Fruity, creamy, bright, slightly sweet. Excellent with or without cream.