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strawberry rhubarb parfait

by davids tea

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type: herbal

ingredients: apple beet carrot hibiscus raisin rhubarb strawberry

caffeine: decaf

price level: $$$$

Picture parfait The ancient Chinese used it in medicine. The medieval Europeans traded for it along the Silk Road. And today we love it in pies, sauces, muffins or just plain, dipped in a little sugar. But the best way to eat rhubarb is with sweet, ripe strawberries. Like in this refreshingly fruity, deep red tisane. It tastes as bright and juicy as a fresh-picked berry, with a tart rhubarb punch and a subtle hint of yogurt creaminess. We love it hot or iced, or as the base for sweet, zippy sangria. Now that's a beautiful thing. Caffeine-free.

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