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i love lemon herbal tea bags

by bigelow

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We love the invigorating flavor of lemon. That's why we created I Love Lemon. It blends lemongrass and other natural sweet lemon flavors with a daily dose of vitamin C to give you a cup of tea that not only tastes good but is also so good for you. Pucker up and enjoy!

Recent reviews

    • Max Sugerman


      For a tea that is named "I Love Lemon" this tea is very light and flavorless

    • Lydia Getgen


      Not a potent tea by far, but definitely still has some lemon flavor to it

    • DOAN BUI


      My university carry this in the dining hall. Not a strong lemon those iced water with lemons in them

    • Krista S


      Not my favorite lemon tea, honestly. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it, either. I agree with other reviews that the lemon flavor isn’t very strong, and I prefer bold teas.

    • Rainbow Cheese


      A packet of lies. the lemon flavor is weak & flavorless.

    • Alyson Sheppard


      This tea would be great if it didn't have mint in it. Nice lemon and hibiscus flavors, but the mint just throws everything off.

    • Jeanna


      Not too strong and not too weak. Gives a little mental pick me up just by smelling the lemon in this tea. Sometimes I use a little less water when brewing to give a stronger flavor.

    • Ashleigh Baan


      The lemon flavor in this tea is too sweet and the tea is week so it tastes like drinking lemon water.

    • YV

      Yaz v


      The lemon flavor in this tea was alright not strong but weak.

    • Melissa Hayes


      The lemon flavor isn't bad but it's pretty weak, even for an herbal tea.