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moroccan mint green tea


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type: green herbal

origin: china united states

ingredients: green tea lemongrass peppermint spearmint

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

A delightful and exotic blend of green tea and mints, with a hint of lemon. China Young Hyson green tea, spearmint and peppermint from Oregon, and freshly cut lemongrass are combined for a fragrant, refreshing and aromatic Moroccan Mint green tea. It is a superb drink hot or iced. Try it Moroccan style, sweetened with sugar. In the bazaars of Morocco in North Africa, tea is served on a "sinya" or three legged tray, usually made of brass, plus a smaller tray which holds three boxes, one for green tea, one for mint and one for sugar. The tea is prepared in a samovar which brews strong, highly concentrated tea. Then it is heavily sweetened with sugar and a touch of mint. The tea is then poured into a teapot (known as a Moroccan style pot) which is elongated rather than round with a longer spout. The tea is poured from this teapot held high in the air into small crystal glasses with brass handles. Moroccans enjoy the social ritual of making this sweet flavorful tea which goes well with their hearty lamb stew, couscous, nuts and apricots.

Recent reviews

    • 

      Great tea for the price! I always keep a few bags in my purse incase I don't like the tea options at a restaurant.

    • 

      This is my favorite of the stash tea bags. Perfect mint blend!!!

    • 

      I have always loved Stash's Tea and this one is up to par with their usual high quality and great taste. It is a very refreshing tea that I like to drink when I need to take a moment to relax and reset. Nice and minty, and the green tea base isn't too smoky or grassy.

    • 

      A solid blend of mint and green tea. Great iced or hot.

    • 

      this is the best tea bag for moroccan mint tea!!!!

    • 

      A lovely strong mint tea. Good clean flavor, very minty, and doesn't get bitter easily even when left to steep too long.

    • 

      Nice and calming, the mint is present but not overpowering and the green tea pairs with it well, I usually hate lemongrass in teas but I don't notice it as much in this one