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double spice chai black tea


 (4 reviews)

We all love a little spice in our lives, but sometimes you just need more. We've created this tea for chai lovers who just need more. By skillfully blending our black teas with cinnamon, ginger root, clove bud oil, allspice, natural cinnamon flavor and cardamom oil we're confident that you'll love the extra this tea offers.

Recent reviews

    • 

      The flavor is adequete to what a chai's flavor profile is if you like chai it's a good one.

    • 

      Quite possibly my #1 favorite chai. I typically like to brew it double-strength, then blend it with an equal part of steamed milk and some sugar. Or just warm up some milk on the stove and steep the tea directly in it.

      It is definitely spice-heavy, but the flavor of the tea does help add some complexity.

    • 

      Where was the tea? It tasted like a bag of spice. While it gets 1 star for drinking, it gets a 4 star if you rip it open and add it to baked goods.

    • 

      Ugh. Just not good. It's way too heavily spiced, especially as far as the cloves are concerned. I felt like I was drinking hot spiced water and not tea at all.