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User's reviews

  • Tension Tamer


    I hate licorice in my tea, so I can't stand this one. My husband on the other hand, absolutely loves it.

  • Sleepytime Classic


    Classic, classic tea. I always try to make sure my pantry's stocked.

  • Sleeptyime Extra


    I love the taste of OG Sleepytime. I don't think I can taste the extra flavors in this one, but it does help me feel relaxed!

  • Green Tea Kombucha


    I love this tea so much! It has a nice green/vegetal quality from the green tea, but the spearmint brightens it up, and the lemongrass adds some acidity. The plum adds a little depth as well.

  • Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality


    Pretty nice as a bedtime tea. It does have a bit of an odd aftertaste, but I know it's the stevia (I'm not a fan).

    The spices are nice, it's very mellow over all, and I do enjoy it with a little milk and sugar.



    I actually have the caffeinated version of this. (The teabag flavors are probably closer to each other)

    The black tea and blackberry are really nice, though I don't get a lot of sage. It adds a tiny bit of an earthy quality, which I like, so I'd like that to be a bit stronger.

  • Lapsang Souchong


    Very smoky smelling tea. I will say it kind of reminds me of smoked salmon, but once it has steeped, it's just a really nice tea, complex and rich. Not the best lapsang for sure, but if I see it at the grocery store, I don't hesitate to buy if I'm running low.

  • Double Spice Chai Black Tea


    Quite possibly my #1 favorite chai. I typically like to brew it double-strength, then blend it with an equal part of steamed milk and some sugar. Or just warm up some milk on the stove and steep the tea directly in it.

    It is definitely spice-heavy, but the flavor of the tea does help add some complexity.



    This is actually my all-time favorite Earl Grey. I have tried other companies, and lots of loose leaf versions, but there's just something about Bigelow's bergamot flavor that I like better than all the others.

  • sweet cinnamon black tea bags


    Very nice tea; the cinnamon is nice and strong, so you don't have to brew for too long to get a good flavor.



    One of my oldest beloved favorites. I think both of my grandmothers used to keep it around when I was little, and my mom kept it around from time to time too.

    The orange is always very strong, and the spices add a nice kick. It can get bitter and almost pine-y if you steep it too long, but even then just add some cream and sugar and it's still good!



    Super, super-tart. And feels kind of thin on the tongue no matter how long it steeps. Adding sugar helps a little, but it doesn't have the kind of depth and complexity I normally like.

  • Coconut Mango Oolong Tea


    I have loved this tea for a long time. The coconut and mango flavors are both very mellow, which pair really nicely with the more mellow oolong. And, it doesn't get super-bitter if you steep it too long, so that's nice too!