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sweet tart


 (5 reviews)

As soon as we laid eyes on this caffeine-free cherry tea, it was love at first sight. It’s got an irresistible balance of sweetness and tartness, plus a classic red cherry aroma that’ll sweep you off your feet. Refreshing hot or iced, this fruit infusion of ripe cherries, hibiscus blossoms and little candy hearts will totally steal yours… or someone else’s.

Recent reviews

    • 

      It's all tart from the hibiscus yet sweet from the cherries. Delifhtful stuff.

    • HM


      I love the tartness of this brew. The sprinkles are cute and add a touch of sweetness. It doesn't taste like "sweet tarts" to me, but it is quite tasty.

    • 

      I had this iced and it is soooo good!!! You definitely have to add a little sweetener to it or else it is a little too tart! I used honey.

      Buying more right now!!!

    • 

      Mt boyfriends all time favorite. I dislike cherry but he adores it. We got it in a tea wheel and we may have to order it loose because he is obsessed.

    • 

      Hands down one of my FAVORITE iced teas, I LOVE the tartness from the hibiscus it pairs well with the cherry flavor