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mandarin orange spice

by celestial seasonings

 (19 reviews)
This blend combines the tart and juicy flavor of mandarin oranges with aromatic spices like cloves and coriander. A bright, lively brew that transports tea drinkers to exotic destinations with every sip.

Recent reviews

    • Lissa A


      A nice spicy orange tea. The spice and orange blend well together with neither overpowering the other.

    • Nadia Bentley


      This is one of my favorite orange spice teas! The oriental twist is unique

    • Red Wolfe


      Love me some orange tea, and this is no exception.

    • Galatea D


      Adore this tea both iced and hot. A little added sweetness makes it perfect for me. Cool & refreshing on a hot day. Bright and soothing on a cold day.

    • Michael M


      One of my favorite celestial seasonings blends, really nice combination of orange and spice.

    • Cassie W.


      Yum. Love spices and it is very comforting. Good buy

    • Mocha Cocoa


      Amazing herbal tea. I love the mandarin flavor, very good.

    • Kat I


      One of my favorites for store bought tea. Nice little zing to it.

    • Andrew Eith


      lovely tea, i remember buying this as a kid and keep doing it

    • BD

      Bob Doss


      Nice orange taste with a little bit of spice added.

    • Hannah Ingber


      I have loved this tea since I was a kid! Strong orange flavor, but not fake tasting. It almost always runs out at my store. Very good for at night as there's no caffeine!

    • Ying M


      This is a really amazing mandarin orange tea with a nice spice smell.

    • Max Sugerman


      If you like teas like good earth or even a spiced Chai, you'll probably like this. Not to my liking, but I can see how some people enjoy it. Very spicy and aromatic

    • Jeanna


      This is a nice orange tea with spice flavor. The spice doesn't overpower the orange flavor.

    • Tea Totaller


      I really love this one as a mid-day pick-me-up any time of year.

    • SZ

      Stuft Zombie


      A good orange tea with a very strong spice smell.

    • Oomi


      This was a good tea, the spices in this tea kept making me want to buy it over and over growing up

    • RR

      Ruth Renaldi


      Love this tea. Great flavor, spices just right, not overpowering.