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authentic green

by celestial seasonings

 (11 reviews)

type: green white

ingredients: ascorbic acid green tea white tea

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

Green tea leaves are quickly dried after the harvest to preserve their vibrant color and naturally occurring flavonoid antioxidants. The pure green leaf is complemented by an infusion of Bai Mu Dan white tea for a smoother cup. Plus, we've added antioxidant Vitamin C to support your everyday wellness.

Recent reviews

    • Carolyn Sallmen


      I am extremely picky about my green tea, and prefer ordering from Japan or Adagio or a Local restaurant here- the Sake Cafe. The processing is different for the U.S. vs. Japan... I thought it had a rather watery weak flavor and the aroma lacked a certain depth.

    • Max Sugerman


      Not bad but nothing special at all. Its good if you need green tea in a recipe. Not sure if I'd chose to drink it if I had other options

    • Nadia Bentley


      A classic green tea. I've had it a lot but it's nothing too special

    • Red Wolfe


      Had much, much better green tea than this. I mean as far as tea bags go its good, but probably wouldn't get it again.

    • Mocha Cocoa


      Weak flavor. Not authentic. I have had better tea really

    • Kat I


      Average tea, nothing stands out. Forgiving if oversteeped.

    • Cassandra Guild


      It's a fine tea. Nothing outstandingly good or outstandingly bad about it.

    • Andrew Eith


      great white tea for this one...i love this so much

    • BD

      Bob Doss


      Not bad for a bagged tea. You have to steep a little longer to get the taste.

    • LB

      Lexus Blackmon


      It's very bland and dry but adding honey makes it palatable.

    • Jay R


      This tea is very light in flavor, almost too light. The white tea is very prone to burning, but when steeping at a lower temperature, it's difficult to pick out the green tea flavor.