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Carolyn Sallmen  

User's reviews

  • Caramel Apple Dream


    This is a really nice tea! I was pleased at the slight sweetness without adding and sugar or honey. Steep it longer for a deeper flavor experience as the other notes become more prominent! Add a bit of cream for a dessert drink. I haven’t tried it chilled yet... have fun with this tea!

  • Sleepytime Echinacea Complete Care


    It is very soothing and great for cold prevention or slight relief from those dreaded viruses. Not a cure-all, but a good boost! Just use honey and not sugar for best healthy results! Sip away!



    I enjoy Ahmad and the Stash blend. I choose between the 2 depending on the mood or dessert being served. The subtle differences are fun to play with! A great cuppa in the morning for those who don’t drink coffee, or even if you do! Add a little sugar and real cream for a truly rich experience.

  • Chamomile


    So soothing and great with fresh honey. A classic tea that never gets old and a good one to keep on the shelf for cold evenings or a relaxing cup before bed!

  • True Blueberry


    I really like this tea, especially 2 bags steeped then added to an Ocean Spray Black and Blueberry Juice with fresh honey in a gallon jug and chilled. The perfect summer refresher! I always keep this one in my cabinet. A blueberry lover...

  • Authentic Green


    I am extremely picky about my green tea, and prefer ordering from Japan or Adagio or a Local restaurant here- the Sake Cafe. The processing is different for the U.S. vs. Japan... I thought it had a rather watery weak flavor and the aroma lacked a certain depth.

  • Sleepytime Throat Tamer


    This is a very soothing tea and great with fresh local honey. The flavor is fairly pleasant as long as you don’t over steep your bag and don’t bring your water to a complete boil, but if you like it strong, steep it longer!