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sleepytime echinacea complete care


 (7 reviews)

Support your natural defenses with a great-tasting blend of echinancea and other botanicals, plus Vitamin C and zinc

Recent reviews

    • 

      This tea isn't like any other sleepy times i've had the pleasure of trying. Not sure if i like that or not.

    • 

      I really like this tea but it can be tart. I like to sweeten mine with a little local honey.

    • 

      A good night tea that helps to relax and calm down before going to bed, also it helps to strengthen your immune system

    • 

      This one can be bitter. But it works so well I power through it. It’s even more effective if you add honey.

    • TC


      I really did not like this tea. Leaves a bad aftertaste.

    • 

      It is very soothing and great for cold prevention or slight relief from those dreaded viruses. Not a cure-all, but a good boost! Just use honey and not sugar for best healthy results! Sip away!

    • 

      I really dislike stevia and this tea had that weird artificial taste you get from it. Stick to the original sleepytime