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glazed lemon loaf


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    • CR


      Perfect tea to pair with a light lunch, or with lemon loaf itself. The scent alone as the tea brews is magic. It completely fills a room. The sweetness perfectly complements the lemon. Spot on representation of Lemon Loaf if I do say so myself.

    • 

      I love this tea, it is a very nice tea that taste like dessert

    • 

      I HATE straight chamomile, so I panicked when I read the ingredients. Surprisingly this had none of those awful chamomile notes. It was surprisingly sweet and had nice lemon notes.

    • EB


      The packaging says it's supposed to taste like lemon and vanilla, but the strongest flavors by far are the licorice and ginger. It's not terrible, but it's more medicinal tasting than dessert-like.

    • 

      Nice! I typically don't like decaffeinated teas but the sweet icing aspect of this really turns it up into something delicious.