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Emma B.  

User's reviews

  • Glazed Lemon Loaf


    The packaging says it's supposed to taste like lemon and vanilla, but the strongest flavors by far are the licorice and ginger. It's not terrible, but it's more medicinal tasting than dessert-like.

  • Iced Blushberry Black


    It's not bad at all, but not really as flavorful as I had hoped it would be. Iced tea with just a hint of berry.

  • Iced Passion Concentrate


    I always make sure to have some on hand during summer. It's such a quick and convenient way to have a cold, fruity, subtly sweet, and low-calorie treat.

  • Vanilla Bean Macaron


    It's a dessert tea, but it's not as sweet as many dessert teas, making it tasty but versatile. Low caffeine content makes it good for an afternoon treat. I like it with cream.