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chai green tea

by stash tea

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Chai Green lends a modern twist to the traditional chai by blending green tea with cinnamon, whole cloves, cardamom, ginger root and sarsaparilla. The result is a flavorful and spicy tea that goes well with milk and sugar and may be enjoyed any time of the day. Chai can be both calming and stimulating. Tip: For traditional chai, brew with 7 ounces of water. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 ounce of milk (for a creamier drink use one ounce of canned evaporated milk).

Recent reviews

    • melissa Dichiaro


      Interesting blend of green tea and chai spices, light and refreshing

    • LL

      Larissa Leal


      Interesting combination of green tea and chai spices

    • Red Wolfe


      Interesting combination that somehow works really well. A little weak, so double up.

    • Krista S


      Really interesting tea! I tried it hot with no modifiers, and it’s great. The green tea amplifies the spicy chai flavor. Next time I want to make a chai latte out of it. 😄🍵❤️

    • Cassie W.


      This is a really good tea, well balanced. A touch of milk or a bit of honey enhances its flavor. Good for someone who wants chai with less caffeine.

    • Darian Stapleton


      Very interesting flavored tea, I usually opt for milk with spiced teas but this one is okay with just a little honey or sugar to sweeten it

    • Brianna Smith


      I love this tea because green tea and chai are my top two favorite varieties of tea, and so getting two in one is amazing! I can still taste the green tea flavor amidst the chair spices, and while it doesn't make the tea flavor any weaker, you can still tell the difference between it and a black tea. Plus their chai blend is just so good anyway, and it smells so good, even while it's still in the individual wrappers.