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Darian Stapleton  

User's reviews

  • Ginger + Probiotics


    This tea was surprisingly pleasant, I was afraid it might be overly spiced but it doesn't come off like that. Got it for a throat infection and no regrets about it.

  • Jasmine Chun Hao


    The jasmine is light but still very enjoyable! Gets very astringent if you accidentally steep it too hot or too long so be careful of that.

  • Almond Oolong


    The smell of this tea when I first opened the bag was a little off putting but it actually tastes delicious once steeped, it is much milder than the initial aroma. I drank two cups in a row when I first tried it because I liked it so much!

  • Chai Green Tea


    Very interesting flavored tea, I usually opt for milk with spiced teas but this one is okay with just a little honey or sugar to sweeten it

  • Chamomile


    Was okay, nothing about it really stands out to make it worth buying again

  • Tension Tamer


    Good tea with smooth flavors, I usually drink it when I want tea at night

  • Sleepytime Decaf Lemon Jasmine


    Not a bad tea, the lemon is very powerful and you don't really taste or smell the jasmine though