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Brianna Smith  

User's reviews



    I would drink this every single day at college. This is probably my favorite brand for earl gray teas, I just have always preferred Bigelow's earl tea to anyone else's



    This makes amazing tea, both hot and iced! The raspberry flavor comes out really well and we always have this tea readily made iced and available in my house. It's that good.

  • Thai Chai


    This is absolutely my all time favorite tea. I love the coconut and lemongrass flavors together. It reminds me of the tea I get from my favorite Indian restaurant, and I think that this blend's flavors translate really well when you make it like authentic chai with hot milk. Some chais just end up tasting like, well, warm milk, but you can really taste all of the spices in this blend.

  • Chai Spice Black Tea


    I love this brand of chai. It actually has a very nice spice blend, especially for the price! It's definitely my favorite brand of chai that I can pick up in a regular grocery store.

  • Salted Caramel Mate Black Tea


    On it's own, I found the flavor of this to be kind of, well, yucky. I thought maybe some sugar would help, but not really. I've had caramel teas that I've liked before, so I'm thinking it's probably the 'salted' part that's making this one a flop for me.

    It's saving grace is that if I make it like I would a chai and add hot milk, then it starts to taste better.

  • Chai Green Tea


    I love this tea because green tea and chai are my top two favorite varieties of tea, and so getting two in one is amazing! I can still taste the green tea flavor amidst the chair spices, and while it doesn't make the tea flavor any weaker, you can still tell the difference between it and a black tea. Plus their chai blend is just so good anyway, and it smells so good, even while it's still in the individual wrappers.

  • Green Tea Matcha Latte


    This has been one of my favorite matcha latte mixes I've found to date! Unfortunately, like most I find, I still wish that it had a stronger matcha flavor, but I still really enjoy this brand in particular anyway!