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lemon & ginger

by twinings

 (9 reviews)
The zesty citrus flavour of lemon has been invigorating the tea experience for hundreds of years. Chinese herbalists were known to use the pungent taste of ginger in tea over 2500 years ago. Today the expert blenders at Twinings have combined these two great flavours for a lively and enjoyable herbal tea experience.

Recent reviews

    • Michele Pace


      This tea is good when you're not feeling well and are congested

    • melissa Dichiaro


      I don’t love this one, the ginger seemed to overpower the lemon

    • Red Wolfe


      A bit confusing. There's a bit of a fight between the lemon and ginger instead of a coherent mix. Some sips there's more lemon, some more ginger. Not bad though.

    • BD

      Bob Doss


      Little more ginger then lemon, but overall tastes good.

    • Stephanie Wade


      Pretty good Lemon & Ginger blend, not as good as Stash, and I wish both had more ginger.

    • Jeanna


      Heavier on the ginger flavor than the lemon. Still worth a try.

    • Kat I


      Makes a great cold brew tea, use double the amount of tea bags and place in fridge overnight

    • Elizabeth K.


      the flavors don't blend well- at first I can only taste lemon, and by the bottom of the cup I can only taste ginger. But it is a simple, basic tea that does wonders for an upset stomach.

    • improbableZero


      I can't really taste the lemon at all; it's pretty much all ginger all the time.