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jade oolong

by adagio teas

 (13 reviews)

type: oolong

origin: taiwan

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

Jade Oolong tea from the Tung Ting mountain in Nantou county, Taiwan. A highly prized tea, Jade Oolongs are a beautiful deep green in appearance, with large, tightly rolled leaves. Once infused, these lightly oxidized leaves gradually unfurl to release their essential oils. Jade Oolongs are known for their fresh green-floral aroma, sweet flavor and clean, delicate mouthfeel. Steep at 180°F for 3-5 minutes

Recent reviews

    • Rebecca Haley


      I thought this tea had a decent floral taste. Was good with a little sweetener.

    • AW

      Alexis Wolf


      This is a good quality oolong, not too earthy like some oolongs are!

    • MJ

      Michael Jacobson


      Strong and grassy with a jasmine note to it. Better than ali shan!

    • JM

      Joseph Mazza


      velvety,smooth and mellow. clean and crisp flavors for an oolong.

    • Michael M


      Really light colored liquor, lightly floral, smooth flavor. I really love this Oolong.

    • melissa Dichiaro


      This is a really nice smooth oolong tea and has a nice sweetness to it. I enjoy it with or after a meal.

    • Red Wolfe


      This is a sweet, light tea that gives me major green tea vibes. It definitely takes well to multiple steepings.

    • Katie DiBenedetto


      An amazing tea, my absolute favorite oolong. The flavor is fairly light like you'd expect with a low oxidized oolong but it's perfect. A sweetness and a floral hint. Is also great iced.

    • Faith Pippenger


      Sweet and smokey with lingering flavor. Seriously good stuff, and possibly addictive.

    • NZ

      N Z


      Great green oolong. Steep at 195 degrees for 3 minutes.

    • Max Sugerman


      Really straightfoward, fresh oolong. Not as earthy as I like, its closer to a traditional green tea

    • Michael Lewis


      Great oolong that's easy to drink. If you're new to oolongs, I like this one as a starter. Good for Western brewing (follow the directions), but great when brewed Gongfu-style (higher leaf to water ratio in a gaiwan or clay pot). The flavors really come out with more leaf, and it's easy to get multiple good steeps this way.

    • Braelin S


      This tea is great! I was able to reuse the leaves four times and there was great flavor in each cup!! Definitely one of my favs!