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 (12 reviews)

type: herbal

origin: usa

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

Fresh mango pieces, apple and hibiscus flowers come together for a tangy, fruity tropical blend. Deep, rosy red cup with a juicy texture and sweet, soft mango finish. Completely caffeine free and no sugar or other sweeteners. Summertime calls... Steep at 212°F for 5-10 minutes

Recent reviews

    • 

      This is a yummy fruity tea. Delicious hot but I bet it's even better iced.

    • 

      A delicious, caffeine free combination of mango, hibiscus, and apple - and I taste them in that order. Definitely a reorder!

    • 

      Got it in my communitea box and it's pretty good tea. I enjoyed it a lot

    • LD


      As someone who doesn't like mango, I had my doubts about this tea, but it's not a bad cup. It's just kind of bizarre. It has a strong fruity/floral scent, but not strongly mango. The same goes for taste - it's fruity and nicely tart, but I'm not picking up on a lot of mango.

    • 

      This is an extremely fruity tea and the hibiscus is not overpowering. I'd recommend it as an iced tea. I did not need to add sugar because it is naturally sweet.

    • 

      Delicious. I love how the sweetness of the mango pairs with the tartness of hibiscus.

    • 

      Enjoyable hot or cold. It's a fruity blend that retains the "steeped" flavor of a tea. Great during the summer afternoons!

    • 

      This is a good blend but its really similar to the berry and cherry teas. Not a heavy mango flavor

    • 

      I'm not sure if it's just me, but it didn't really tastes like mangoes. Don't get me wrong, it still tastes nice, but if I wasn't told what it was, mangoes would be the last thing I would guess. Not my favorite, but not a waste. I gave the rest to someone else and they really enjoyed it! So it's probably just a personal taste issue.

    • 

      Bought this on a whim. This is pumped full of hibiscus like a lot of fruity teas. You cannot taste any mangoes. It tastes tart. I cold brew this tea which gives it a drinkable tartness.