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Lilly Tryon  

I'm a family nurse practitioner and nursing professor who specializes in lifestyle medicine and health coaching. We've lived in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area for the past 10 years. But my heart is in Dayton, Ohio and Rochester, Minnesota where my sons live with their families. An introvert by nature, I refuel best by spending time with family, plant-based cooking/baking, watercolor painting, prayer journaling, quilting, hiking, biking, kayaking, travel, and curling up with a cup of tea, a good book, and a cat on my lap.

User's reviews

  • Lemon Meringue Green


    This tea is so smooth and creamy, without even a hint of the grassiness that is common in green tea. The vanilla and cream balance the acidity of the lemon, while the green tea provides a solid backdrop. When slightly sweetened, the tea provides a guilt-free indulgence any time of day. The tea also stands up to a second steep. It is seasonal (spring), so consider purchasing a large enough quantity to get you through the year. A staple in my tea pantry. (180°F x 2 minutes)

  • White Strawberry


    The White Strawberry tea offers a full sensory tea experience. It is so pretty out of the package, with colorful bits of fruit, rose petals, and blue cornflowers tucked in among the tea leaves. The sweet aroma is of strawberries and vanilla. I steeped at 180°F x 2 minutes, and added just a tiny bit of sweetener to bring the strawberry flavor forward. I didn't distinctly notice the rooibos or other flavors, but found that they blended together to provide a richer backdrop to the strawberry flavor then would white tea alone, which allowed for a second steep. Very good sipped hot, but I think this would also be fabulous served as an iced tea.

  • Sleeping Dragon


    This tea is as lovely to watch steep as it is to sip. A mild green tea with no grassiness. Good plain or with a drop of honey. Stands up to multiple steeps. Nice to have on hand for green tea lovers.

    Steeped 2 mins @ 165°F x 5 steeps!

  • Golden Turmeric Chai


    This tea surprised me, because I am not a fan of either turmeric or chai. Together, they worked! The clove buds and peppercorns can be picked out, if you want a little less spice. I steeped in ½ of the recommended amount of water, then filled the cup with warmed almond milk and added a little honey. The tea was warm and comforting.

    212°F x 8 minutes.

  • Rooibos Nutcracker


    The Nutcracker Rooibos tea definitely smells better than it tastes. My sample packet smelled strongly of sweet caramel. Once steeped, however, the rooibos base was strong, with an overlying smooth sweetness. I was not able to distinguish the caramel, cocoa, and nut flavors. A second untimed steep tasted only of rooibos. So you need to like rooibos to enjoy this tea! The nice thing is that it needs little to no sweetener. In fact, it seems to taste sweeter as it cools. So it is a nice tea when you have a hankering for something sweet, but don't want the extra calories.

    Steeped at 212°F x 5 minutes.

  • Green Rooibos Blueberry


    The blueberry blends well with the green rooibos. Nice blueberry flavor that tastes good hot or iced.

    Steeped at 212°F x 5 minutes, 2 steeps

  • Honeybush Banana Nut


    There's no better smell than homemade banana bread baking, and maybe no better comfort food than a slice of that warm, buttery bread right out of the oven. Adagio has managed to capture that aroma and flavor in this tea.

    Steeped 212°F x 5 minutes. Second steep is weaker in flavor.

  • Formosa Oolong


    A very smooth, dark oolong with little astringency and no bitterness when steeped at 190°F x 3 minutes. The flavor is mellow with hints of toasted grain and chocolate. I love oolongs for their diverse and complex flavors and the ability to resteep multiple times (I did 3 steeps).

  • Currant


    A mild fruity and floral aroma in this tea. I steeped at a lower temperature to prevent any bitterness from the Ceylon or the raspberry leaves. The flavor of currants is enhanced with a bit of honey, which also tones down the brightness of the Ceylon. Currant tea makes a nice morning cup of tea, but would also be delicious with scones for afternoon tea or iced in the summer.

    (Steeped at 190°F x 2 minutes)

  • Ti Kuan Yin


    How do you rate a tea that stands up to multiple infusions and tastes different with every steep? This green oolong steeps to a light greenish-yellow and has a lovely, smooth flavor that is gentle and delicate. Depending on the steep, it's flavor profile is vegetal, floral, nutty, or buttery. The first steep needs an extra minute to allow the tea leaves to unfurl. Watching this process adds to the tea experience. The tea is good unsweetened or with a drop of honey.

    Steeped 5x at 190°F for 2 minutes. (Add 1 minute to first steep.)

  • Christmas Eve Herbal Tea


    I wasn't sure about this tea when reading the ingredients. But the balance is perfect, with no tug-of-war between the cinnamon and spearmint. Nothing shouts Christmas Eve to me, but it is a flavorful tea without caffeine.

  • Cinnamon Vanilla Herbal Tea


    Love that the rooibos doesn't overtake the flavor of this tea! I mostly taste cinnamon (but not too heavy), with a hint of vanilla. Steeped at 195F x 3 min. Added a little honey to sweeten and bring out the vanilla. The sarsaparilla takes a back seat in this tea. Perhaps it is merely adding sweetness? The tea pairs well with a bit of vanilla almond creamer. Very comforting blend to drink in the evening--especially with the relaxing properties of chamomile.

  • Ginger Peach Green Tea


    Nice balance between the sweetness of peach and the spicyness of ginger, with the antioxidants and low caffeine of green tea. I steeped at 175F x 2 minutes, then added a little honey to enhance the peach flavor. Nice tea that is excellent sipped warm or served over ice.

  • Get Some Zzzs-No. 5 Herb Tea for Rest


    Nice relaxing tea for bedtime. Haven't noticed a significant effect from the Valerian, however.