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pu-erh dante

by adagio teas

 (9 reviews)

type: black

origin: china pu erh

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

One of the five main types of tea (white, green, oolong and black being the others), pu'erh tea stands apart with its uncommonly soft earthy flavor and woodsy tones. Unlike all other teas, pu'erh (pronounced 'poo-err') is actually aged. The tea leaves go through a natural fermentation process before the tea is gently dried. This creates a cup with zero astringency and deep, rich body. Pu'erh is extraordinarily smooth and deeply refreshing. Our Pu'erh Dante (the shou variety of pu'erh) gives a clean, damp forest aroma, dried mushrooms, leather and earth. Some sweetness of figs or dates and a slight creamy flavor. Mellow and grounding. If the flavor is too strong for you, simply dilute with water (which, interestingly, doesn't work for many other teas!) Pu'erh is extremely versatile - you can steep it for as little as 30 second or 30 minutes, whatever pleases your palate. It won't get bitter and is great for multiple infusions. Steep at 212°F for 3-5 minutes

Recent reviews

    • Kimberly Hnatko


      If you are looking for deep and earthy, this is for you. That's not my personal preference, but this one was nice to try.

    • Rachel Emmel


      Can't say I enjoy my tea tasting like hay. I did try doing the first rinse. I was amazed with how dark the tea was in just 30 seconds, but the second steep at 3min was even darker. The first steep did have a fishy smell and taste. I was too curious not to taste. Thankfully that went away for the second steep, which had a warm hay scent and taste. I managed to drink down the whole cup, but I wasn't a fan.

    • Dr Laura A


      so nice to enjoy the flavors of Adagio Communitea - and this is new and most enjoyable for me

    • Red Wolfe


      Very earthy and outdoorsy, perfect for winter when there's no garden to tend to nd it's too cold to wander the forests. I love it. Tastes like dirt, but in in the satisfying way, like stopping for a drink after working in the garden.

    • Bailey Green


      Pu-Erh is one of my favorite teas. This is very deep and almost has a date or fig aftertaste with notes of creaminess.

    • BD

      Bob Doss


      This tea can be a bit overwhelming. I really like it though!

    • Max Sugerman


      This is a big tea. Its a pretty straightforward pu erh. Make sure to be careful when steeping it as it can become overwhelming really quickly

    • Annie Katharine


      Definitely has a strong flavor, very earthy. Not my favorite.

    • Sothis


      You MUST rinse this with hot water before brewing! After a steady rinse, and when brewed lightly, I find it tolerable. They say this tea is grounding and I think they meant to say it tastes like the ground. It reminds me of something goblins or fey folk might brew... and by that I mean it tastes like mushrooms and moss. If you DON'T rinse it, it tastes like a fresh sip of pier water with all the fish froth included.